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New Chief Scott

Chief of Police
Wayne Scott

Learn more about Chief Scott's strategies for GPD.

The Greensboro Police Department is comprised of 787 sworn and non-sworn employees dedicated to the mission of partnering to fight crime for a safer Greensboro. We believe that effectively fighting crime requires everyone's effort. With your assistance, we can make our city safer. Wondering what you can do?

  • Take reasonable steps to prevent being victimized. Lock your car and home doors. Be aware of your surroundings. If something or someone
    feels out of the ordinary, go to a safe place.
  • Be additional eyes and ears for us. Report suspicious or unusual activity, and provide tips through Crime Stoppers that can help solve crime.
  • Look out for your neighbors. Strong communities with active Neighborhood Watch programs are not attractive to criminals. By taking care of the people around you, you can create safe places to live and work.
  • Get involved! If you have children, teach them how to react to bullying, what the dangers of texting and driving are, and how to safely use the Internet. Talk with your older relatives about scams that target senior citizens.
  • Learn more about GPD. Ride along with us. Participate in the Police Citizens' Academy. Volunteer, apply for an internship, or better yet join us.
  • You may have heard about our philosophy of neighborhood-oriented policing. This is practice in policing that combines data-driven crime analysis with police/citizen partnerships to solve problems.

Our Mission
Partnering to fight crime for a safer Greensboro. Together, we can reduce crime and improve quality of life.

Our Vision
Greensboro Police Department will be a national model for exceptional policing through our commitment to excellence, selfless public service, and effective community partnerships.

Our Values
Honesty – Always being truthful, ethical, and principled
Integrity – Embodying and adhering to the principles of honor, trustworthiness, and moral courage
Stewardship – Protecting resources, and placing the needs of the community and our mission above our individual needs
Respect – Always acting with compassion and valuing the diversity of our community by building partnerships and relationships
Trust – Being transparent in our policies and procedures, ensuring they are designed to be fair to the community and our employees and providing all with effective redress for their concerns
Accountability – Providing leadership throughout the Department in a professional and responsible manner and holding all of our employees accountable for their conduct, effective job performance; including quality of work and knowledge, and dedication to our mission