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The Administration of Chief Sylvester Daughtry Jr.

Sylvester Daughtry Jr. dedicated 29 years to the Greensboro Police Department, working his way up through its ranks. He was appointed as Greensboro Police Department’s 17th chief on January 16, 1987. Daughtry’s administration proved to be one of strong leadership and growth. He met an immediate obstacle upon his appointment. More than 24 seasoned veterans of various ranks left the department early in 1987 due to changes in the department’s retirement program, which left Daughtry with an acute and significant manpower shortage.

Early in his administration, Daughtry implemented a reorganization of the department into four districts with their accompanying command and supervisory personnel. This geographically based district system helped to better meet the needs of the community. In tandem, the first police sub-station, located on Downwind Road near Piedmont Triad International Airport, was established in what is now the Western Division.

Another of Daughtry’s improvements to the GPD was the implementation of the first lateral entry recruitment program early in 1989. This program required intensive staffing studies that had several beneficial results. By January 1989, the department had increased to 402 sworn officers and 117 non-sworn employees to serve an 80-square-mile community with a population of 194,000. The 1988-89 departmental budget was more than $21 million and more than 80 percent of it was dedicated to employee salaries and benefits.

During his tenure, Daughtry advanced Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) and promoted the installation of an 800 MHz radio system. He replaced the department's 9 mm handguns with .40 caliber handguns.

When Daughtry retired from the GPD in January 1998, a nationwide search was launched to find his replacement.