Police Division 3, Zone 310

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Serving Police Division 3, Zone 310
Captain Greg Gardner
D3, Z310
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District 3
300 S. Swing Rd.
Greensboro, NC 27409


For Neighborhood Oriented Policing (NOP) to be effective, police must work closely with you (the community member) and City officials to reduce crime, solve problems, and improve quality of life. Everyone plays a role in making Greensboro safer.

The captain for your patrol division is responsible for long-term problem solving. Long-term problems can be categorized as issues that are problematic by their nature or problem locations or hot spots requiring a long-term response or well-coordinated, multi-faceted response.

The lieutenant for your patrol zone is responsible for addressing crime patterns. Patterns are defined as a set of related crimes, not a crime trend. They are not a chronic problem, but rather acute and crime-related, requiring police services to address.

Your Community Resource Officer (CRO) is there for you. He or she will maintain close relationships with the residents of your area in order to be familiar with the problems and issues that are of concern to you. Your CRO is an educator, mentor, problem-solver, and link to other services that can make your neighborhood safer.

You also have a role – a very important one – in NOP. We ask you to share equally in crime reduction and prevention efforts. Know your neighbors, be an active member of your community and support community watch. Talk with your CRO about problems in your neighborhood. And, call us if something or someone just doesn't feel right. You are the first step in police response and in problem-solving.



Officer G.A. Kiser CRO for Zone 310