Claremont Courts

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Serving Claremont Courts in Police Division 4, Zone 430

Claremontrg sigmon TODD, R.B. DIV PIX
     Location                                                    Cpt. Sigmon                   Sgt. R.B.Todd
2706-C Patio Pl.
Greensboro, NC 27405


Cpl. S.A. Lennox-Spaulding

Officer Lennox-Spaulding joined the department in 2006 and is a graduate of the 86th PBIC. She has served as a patrol officer in Central Division and as a member of the Center City Resource Team. She earned her Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate in 2013 and graduated from UNCG with a bachelor of arts degree in political science.

Lennox-Spaulding’s focus as a PNRC officer is to deliver traditional police patrol services to the residents of GHA through high-visibility foot and bike patrol and provide preventive patrol.

“Everybody has story. When I was a child, the community sat around dining room tables and told their stories. We do not do that anymore," she says. "Sitting around the table telling stories is not just a way of passing time. It is the way the wisdom gets passed along, the stuff that helps us to live a life worth remembering.”  

STEWART LANE, P.B.  Officer P.B. Stewart-Lane

 Officer Lane has been with GPD since 2012. She enjoys connecting with the         communities she serves and getting out to talk with people. She has also taken   part in several “anti-bullying” forums and is quick to volunteer her time with the   community both professionally and personally.

 Lane says she feels strongly that to move forward and become better, we need the help of the communities we serve. She adds that she believes with the community's help, we can lower crime and become better as one team. “It takes a village,” Lane says. 

She adds that she loves being a PNRC Officer and getting to know her community.