Operational Support Division

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Police Neighborhood Resource Center

The PNRC program provides uniformed officers to each of the five major public housing communities in Greensboro. Claremont Courts, Ray Warren Homes, Hampton Homes, Smith Homes, and Hickory Trails each have two officers assigned to provide services and assistance to the residents. A significant amount of the officers' daily activities consists of high-visibility foot patrol throughout the housing communities. This time is spent getting to know the residents and identifying problems that affect the quality of life of those residing in public housing communities. This unit consists of 10 officers and is supervised by Sgt. Ryan Todd.

School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer Program was initiated within the Guilford County School System in an effort to provide a safe environment conducive to learning. The program focuses on safety for students, staff, and visitors at the various campuses throughout the city and county. This program is a cooperative effort between the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department, High Point Police Department, Greensboro Police Department, and Guilford County Schools. The Greensboro Police Department's unit consists of 15 School Resource Officers and one school safety officer, and is supervised by Sgt. Holly Pate and Sgt. Craig Hewlett.

Court Liaison

The Court Liaison promotes cooperation between the District Attorney's Office and the police department with regard to officers' court attendance and other court related matters and is supervised by Officer M.R. Lawson.

Taxi Inspector

The Taxi Inspector is responsible for the inspection and permit process for taxis, the registration of bicycles and the inspection of wreckers contracted to perform tow-ins for the City. The Taxi Inspector is Officer Tim Tepedino.

Electronic Monitoring Unit

The Electronic Monitoring Unit (EMU) is responsible for maintaining the department's Priority Offender List, as well as obtaining and implementing court orders for the electronic monitoring of priority offenders. The goal of EMU is to provide a level of supervision to offenders that will deter their criminal activity and change their patterns of criminal behavior. The supervisor is Sgt. M.E. Rakes.

Commanding Officer: Capt. Renae Sigmon 


"The SRO function, especially the Safety Town Program, is an exemplary initiative by the City, County and Department."
~ Carroll Buracker & Associates