Information Services Division

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The Information Services Division processes, maintains, reviews and analyzes a majority of the information and data generated by the Police Department. It is the primary point of contact with the public whenever information, reports or data are requested.

Information Services includes:

  • Watch Operations Center
  • Telephone Response Unit
  • Crime Analysis Unit
  • Records Management Division

Watch Operations Center

The Watch Operations Center provides a 24-hour liaison between the department and residents, other law enforcement agencies, and the media. It provides a focal point for resources available to police personnel and the general public.

Telephone Response Unit

The Telephone Response Unit (TRU) is responsible for completing Incident/Investigation reports for those incidents that do not require the presence of a sworn officer and are reported via this website.

The Watch Operations Center and Telephone Response Unit supervisor is Shannon Talent.

Crime Analysts Section

The purpose of the Crime Analysis Section is to systematically collect, evaluate, analyze, integrate and disseminate crime data both internally and to the community. This section provides pertinent crime data reports and analysis of this data to assist both operational and administrative personnel. The section also provides technical assistance for special analytical and statistical projects.

The Crime Analysis supervisor is Davin Hall

Records Management Division

The Police Records Management Division serves as the primary depository of official police documents to include, but not limited to, summons, subpoenas and fingerprint records. This section also maintains a database of towed vehicles, wanted/missing persons, criminal background information and stolen articles. Data is indexed from each document into the Records Management System (RMS) to ensure future retrieval of documents when needed.

Records Management also performs the following functions:

  • Assists in serving criminal summons and issues subpoenas
  • Administers Breathalyzers
  • Retrieves documents requested from attorney's offices that assist officers and witnesses when testifying in court
  • Enters, modifies and clears all of the department's NCIC/DCI hot file records (stolen vehicles, wanted/missing persons, stolen articles, etc.)
  • Performs fingerprinting services
  • Processes the release of towed vehicles
  • Verifies that all documents are indexed to comply with state and national standards

The Records Management Division supervisor is Steve Estes

The Director of the Information Services Division is Lee D. Hunt.