Resource Management Division

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Resource Management Division

The Resource Management Division (RMD) is comprised of Fiscal Management, Logistics, and Personnel Management. The mission of RMD is to coordinate and manage the department's assets to best assist and support other divisions goals of accomplishing the department's work plan. This division serves as the primary liaison between the Police Department and other City departments for personnel issues, fiscal matters and management of the department's fleet. RMD is also responsible for managing Fitness for Duty Evaluations and the department's grievance process, as well as developing several publications.

Research and Planning

This section is responsible for several on-going evaluation programs as well as research into policy, products and techniques to improve efficiency and assist with innovation in the police department. The evaluation programs include compliance with the national accreditation program through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and Staff Inspections' process of inspections and audits of departmental functions, equipment, policies, procedures and personnel. This section also coordinates and assists with special projects throughout the department.

On November 9, 1986, the Greensboro Police Department became the first law enforcement agency in North Carolina to be accredited. This award was the result of more than 18 months of work. The process of self-examination by independent assessors served to strengthen all areas of the department and placed it in the forefront of police professionalism.

For the eighth time since undergoing the process to achieve recognition for professional excellence, the Greensboro Police Department in November 2011 was awarded accreditation from CALEA. During the annual CALEA conference, the department received the commission’s Meritorious Accreditation for 15 or more years of accredited service

Fiscal Management

The Fiscal Management Section is responsible for developing and managing the department's budget and serving as point of contact for other City departments concerning all fiscal matters. This section manages all contracts with outside vendors, the department's grant program, and the Federal Forfeiture Program by accounting for assets seized as a result of criminal behavior and turned over to the department by court order.


Grant administration falls under the umbrella of the Fiscal Management Section and encompasses the development, administration and monitoring of all department grants. The Grants Analyst assists in the preparation of grant applications, obtains the necessary legal and financial concurrences, and submits applications based on approval from the Chief of Police. Upon receipt of a grant, the Fiscal Management Section provides oversight throughout the funding cycle.

Logistics and Fleet

The RMD provides for the uniform and equipment needs of agency personnel. This entails the warehousing, distribution, and inventorying of departmental assets, as well as capital control and surplus activities. The Division coordinates with the City's Equipment Services and Technical Services divisions to support its fleet and technical equipment needs. Specifically, the Logistics Section of the RMD functions as a full-service equipment depot to support the operational needs of the agency. Contact the Logistics Section at 336-373-2368, or for more information, contact Stephen Morrison

Personnel Management

The RMD is responsible for coordinating all activities associated with the function of Human Resource Management. This includes coordination of the employment process for all positions within the agency, the development of hiring practices that support employment of a workforce that represents the community, and the application of all personnel policies. The RMD coordinates worker compensation claims, leave maintenance procedures, compensation matters, and benefits issues. Contact the Personnel Management Section at 336-373-2460.

Commanding OfficerCapt. John W. Thompson