Training Division

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Recruiting - Police Basic Introductory Course (PBIC)

This Division is responsible for the development, delivery and evaluation of the Police Basic Introductory Course (PBIC), which encompasses Police Academy training for all new police recruits. This intensive program provides both basic and advanced law enforcement training to new police trainees. It emphasizes the core values of problem-based policing and leadership development, as well as instills in recruits the long-standing traditions of the GPD. The Division also coordinates all post-academy field training through the Police Training Officer (PTO) program, followed by advanced academy training and eventual promotional testing to Police Officer II status.

Training Programs

Training Programs are responsible for enhancing and fine-tuning the policing skills of veteran officers to help them maintain their knowledge of cutting edge police tactics and procedures, as well as develop them for specialized positions within the agency. These training needs are met through quarterly in-service training, selection to attend outside school assignments, and on-going specialized in-house “Police Academies” including: the Police Officer II Academy, Detective’s Academy, Supervisor’s Academy, Vice/Narcotics Academy, Traffic Enforcement and Investigations Academy and Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) Academy. Officers completing these academies obtain advanced techniques in their area of interest and are better prepared to apply for specific units within the agency.

Commanding Officer: Capt. Sean Gladieux