Criminal Investigations Division

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Phone: 336-373-2255
Greensboro/Guilford Crime Stoppers:
Commanding Officer: Captain Stephanie Mardis


This squad investigates homicides, suicides, non-motor vehicle accidental deaths, cold cases and all other unattended death cases. This squad works closely with the Medical Examiner and the Guilford County District Attorney’s Office in prosecuting Greensboro’s most serious cases. The homicide squad also has a Multiple Offender Program Coordinator who serves as a liaison between the District Attorney’s Office and the Criminal Investigation Division in the selection and prosecution of cases that fall within the 'career criminal' criteria. Phone: 336-373-4391 for Sgt. Pilcher or 336-574-4030 for Cpl. Matthews.


The Robbery Squad investigates all robberies that occur throughout the city. This includes robberies of businesses and individuals. The squad also investigates all robberies of banks and other financial institutions in cooperation with the FBI.


This squad investigates all crimes of a fraudulent nature including fraud, forgery and false pretenses. The squad also has two detectives assigned to computer forensics investigations. Squad members are also federally deputized and participate in the US Secret Service Financial Crimes Task Force.

Crimes Against Persons Unit

This squad investigates a wide variety of violent crimes, including assaults against victims 16 years of age and older, all non-domestic physical assaults, missing persons, harassing phone calls and threat cases. The squad also investigates any reports of abuse or exploitation of elderly persons.

Family Victims Unit 

This unit investigates all cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse and crimes against juveniles to include child abuse, neglect, sexual molestations, abductions and deaths. Detectives in this unit work out of the Guilford County Family Justice Center, 201 S. Greene St., with the courts, Family Services of the Piedmont, Department of Social Services, and Guilford County Sheriff's Office and a other partners to provide comprehensive services to people of all ages affected by family violence. From the first contact with the police through prosecution and conviction of the offender, the Greensboro Police Department is a committed partner in breaking the cycle of domestic violence and making our community safer. 

Commercial Property Crimes 

This squad investigates burglaries and larcenies of non-residential property, such as businesses, churches, schools, and open areas in Greensboro. The squad handles Pawn and Precious Metal Dealer Permits and inspections. 

Residential Property Crimes

This squad investigates burglaries, larcenies and vandalism of residences in Greensboro.

Violent Criminal Apprehension Team (VCAT)

VCAT locates and apprehends violent wanted criminals for the City of Greensboro. This team is also primarily responsible for locating and apprehending Greensboro fugitives for other agencies. 

Crime Stoppers

The Crime Stoppers unit coordinates and routes information from the Crime Stoppers telephone line to the appropriate investigative unit. This unit is a major investigative support unit and has provided information that has led to the clearance of 7,095 cases, and resulted in the arrest of 11,220 individuals and the recovery of more than $20 million in stolen property and narcotics. The unit is a nationally recognized award winner.

Criminal Intelligence

The Criminal Intelligence Squad is responsible for gathering, analyzing and disseminating intelligence data related to subversive groups and other groups/individuals involved in criminal activity.