Forensic Services Division

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Forensic Services Division

The Forensic Services Division is composed of six sections:

The personnel assigned to this division perform a range of duties that are in direct support of units conducting detailed criminal investigations and related to the Greensboro Police Department's (GPD) primary mission of protecting life and property. 

Crime Scene Investigations Section

Field-based Crime Scene Investigators provide 24-hour coverage and respond to crime scenes by officer request or otherwise. The responsibility of the Crime Scene Investigator is to process each scene in accordance with acceptable laboratory procedures. This includes, but is not limited to, photography, crime-scene sketching, latent fingerprint processing, and evidence identification and collection. 

Forensic Specialists Section

The forensic team consists of Forensic Specialists who rotate an on-call status and respond to homicides and major case activations. Their duties include the processing of major crime scenes, as well as the collection and examination of physical evidence from criminal investigations. In addition, they conduct analysis and examinations on evidence to further determine evidentiary value of the property. 

Latent Print Section

The ultimate goal of the Latent Print Section is to identify latent impressions and known impressions of suspects, victims, witnesses, and unknown and deceased subjects related to violent and property crimes. The identifications serve as an investigative lead for field officers and detectives and link together possibly related cases.

The Latent Print Examiner conducts high-quality scientific examinations of friction-ridge impressions by analyzing latent print impressions recovered from crime scenes to known fingerprints. These examinations are conducted by analysis, comparison and evaluation of latent impressions using the ACE-V methodology. Findings are then verified by a second qualified examiner.

This section uses computerized forensic databases such as NC State AFIS, FBI’s NGI AFIS, and SPEX systems. Latent and known impressions are entered and searched to expedite possible results.

The Latent Print Examiner provides expert testimony about his or her findings and opinions in both state and federal courts. 

Firearms/Tool Mark Section

The Firearms/Tool Mark Section is responsible for leading the efforts of firearms identification by analyzing and identifying firearms evidence of both property and violent crimes. Upon completion of these cases, the cartridges, bullets and firearms that are identified provide detectives with information about suspect firearms and links to additional cases.

Staff in this section also testifies to the science of firearms identification, providing expert opinions to jurors and judges. 

Forensic Imaging Section

The Forensic Imaging Section performs a variety of specialized photography and videography services in support of law enforcement procedures. These services include, but are not limited to, managing and maintaining the Departmental Digital Imaging System (DIMS), completing forensic examinations of digital/standard VHS surveillance recordings, processing digital images taken at crime and accident scenes, as well as other department photographs, filing and maintaining photographic CDs, photographing persons arrested for crimes, maintaining all department staff photographs, printing and filing photographs or digital images, and photographing evidence in the lab and at crime scenes using appropriate photography equipment as requested, including a specialized Infrared/Ultra-Violet light camera in conjunction with an alternate light source and 1:1 photography of latent evidence. 

Property/Evidence Section

The Property/Evidence Section takes possession of all property seized by GPD employees. The property is received, processed and stored following state guidelines and departmental policy and procedures while maintaining the strict chain of custody of all property/evidence.

Director of Forensic Services: 
Kelly A. Moore

"The Greensboro Police Department is far ahead of most police departments in property/evidence practices and procedures, and the Department can serve as a model for other police departments of similar or larger size."
~ Carroll Buracker & Associates 
"The Crime Scene Investigation Section has an impressive array of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that detail all of their specific activities."
~ Carroll Buracker & Associates