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In April 2015, the Greensboro Police Department (GPD) re-aligned and re-named the city’s four patrol divisions. The shift in patrol boundaries was designed to align workload and improve response time to calls for service.

The new boundary lines support the implementation of Neighborhood Oriented Policing and are the result of extensive data analysis and policy reviews that spanned more than two years and involved the help of two nationally recognized experts.

Before the re-alignment, patrol zones were named based on their cardinal orientation from the city’s center. The previous divisions were: Central, Southern, Eastern, and Western.

The re-drawn boundaries do not lend themselves to following this naming convention, and do not conform to national standards for dispatching protocol. To address both issues, the four new divisions bear numerical names. Each division is further divided into three zones. These zones are also named numerically.

Even though the patrol boundaries have changed, the basic role of the patrol officer has not. The patrol officers in your zone and division continue to respond to calls for service, help deter and detect criminal activity, and work alongside you to improve quality of life and make your neighborhood safer. Consider your patrols officers partners in addressing concerns in your area.

Divisions (links to all pages are to the left)

Police Division 1

This area includes the Central Business District and areas north and west. It includes areas to the west along Spring Garden Street, W. Market Street, and W. Friendly Avenue. To the northwest, the area includes the Bryan Boulevard corridor and northeast of the Piedmont Triad International Airport.

Major streets/roads include: Spring Garden Street, Coliseum Boulevard, W. Market Street and W. Friendly Avenue (east of Guilford College Road), Bryan Boulevard, Old Oak Ridge Road, Fleming Road, New Garden Road, Battleground Avenue, Aycock Street, Westover Terrace, Green Valley Road, N. Holden Road, Westridge Road, and Horse Pen Creek Road.

Police Division 2

This area falls to the south and east of the Central Business District. Much of the area is to the east of the Business 85 and Interstate 40 interchange and along both Business 85 and Interstate 85 corridors.

Major streets/roads include: E. Market Street, E. Bessemer Street, E. Lee Street, Hwy. 29 (south of Wendover), E. Florida Street, Willow Road, S. Benbow Road, Franklin Boulevard, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Hwy. 421, Alamance Church Road, S. Elm-Eugene Street, Randleman Road, Vandalia Road (east of Business 85), Interstate 85, McConnell Road, and Mt. Hope Church Road.

Police Division 3

This area is along the Interstate 40 Corridor and is west of the Business 85 and Interstate 40 split. It includes areas to the southwest of Ballinger Road and Guilford College to the south of the Piedmont Triad International Airport.

Major streets/roads include: High Point Road, S. Holden Road, Hilltop Road, Mackay Road, Adams Farm Parkway, Grandover Parkway, Bridford Parkway, W. Wendover Avenue, Merritt Drive, Meadowwood Street, W. Market Street (west of Guilford College Road), Swing Road, Chimney Rock Road, Gallimore Dairy, S. Regional Road, Hwy. 68, and Sandy Ridge Road.

Police Division 4

This area is north and east of the Central Business District. It includes the area east of Battleground and Old Battleground avenues and northeast along Hwy. 29 towards Bryan Park and Reedy Fork Parkway.

Major streets/roads include: W. Bessemer Avenue, Lawndale Drive, N. Elm Street, N. Church Street, Yanceyville Street, Summit Avenue, Hwy. 29, Cone Boulevard, Sunset Drive, E. Cornwallis Drive, Willoughby Boulevard, Lake Jeanette Road, Sixteenth Street, Pisgah Church Road, Lee's Chapel Road, Phillips Avenue, Hicone Road, and Reedy Fork Parkway.