Special Operations Division

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Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit (TSU) is the agency’s lead component for traffic safety efforts, including education, engineering and enforcement. The TSU focuses on citywide traffic enforcement using speed measurement instruments, paying particular attention to accident-causing violations and other traffic conditions that tend to have a negative affect on travel safety in Greensboro. Enforcement activities focus on the following areas:

  • interstate and other controlled-access highways
  • major traffic arteries
  • school zones, with primary emphasis at those elementary schools that have an assigned School Crossing Guard
  • top accident intersections

When assigned to the interstate highway, TSU officers are responsible for handling all traffic activities occurring along the interstate. This includes enforcement, crash investigation, motorist assistance, and any other condition that affects traffic safety.

The TSU is the lead unit for participation in special traffic operations, such as Click It or Ticket, Booze It and Lose It, and holiday enforcement operations. The TSU also handles follow-up investigation of reported school bus stop-arm violations and provides funeral, security, and VIP escorts.

The TSU is the lead group for liaison with other agencies concerning traffic enforcement, education and engineering activities. It also serves as the liaison with community groups such as MADD and SADD and is the GPD's training unit for traffic-related topics.

Crash Reconstruction Unit

The Crash Reconstruction Unit (CRU) handles follow-up investigation of all fatal and near-fatal motor vehicle crashes, as well as reported hit-and-run motor vehicle crashes. In addition, the CRU assists as requested in the investigation of serious-injury police vehicle crashes and other selected crash cases. The CRU maintains an on-call program so it can assist at any time. The CRU also advises other officers in motor vehicle crash reconstruction and investigation and is the agency’s lead unit in training for crash investigation and reporting. The CRU is the liaison with other agencies and units concerning motor vehicle crashes and accident-related traffic safety.

Operational/Critical Incident Planning Unit

The Operational/Critical Incident Planning Unit (O/CIP) provides support services to the field by preparing operational plans for special events. This includes coordinating with event organizers and other city support units, facilitating any required permits, preparing and distributing an operational plan, and following up and critiquing services.

O/CIP coordinates all homeland security and emergency management functions within the agency, including coordinating with other emergency management officials and facilitating any associated grant funding. This role includes helping key agency stakeholders maintain operational readiness for emergency management functions. O/CIP also coordinates off-duty employment at the Greensboro Coliseum, working with Coliseum officials about staffing and event management. O/CIP periodically reviews and updates all agency standing operational plans and any related departmental directives. It also maintains current Standard Operational Procedures for the Special Operations Division.

Special Teams & Police Reserves

Seven Special Teams serve the Greensboro Police Department. Of these, three are assigned to the Special Operations Division. These are composed of personnel assigned to other duties daily throughout the agency and mobilized for special team duty on a call-up basis.

The seven Special Teams are: Hazardous Devices Team, Special Response Team, Negotiations Team, Underwater Recovery Team, All-Terrain Vehicle Search/Rescue Team, Mobile Command Center and Reserve Officers.

The Hazardous Devices Team is capable of safely handling explosive devices. The Underwater Recovery Team retrieves evidence from local bodies of water. The Mobile Command Center Team maintains and staffs the agency’s mobile command center, allowing better on-scene supervision of critical incidents. The Greensboro Police Reserve Unit consists of men and women employed in the private sector, who have been fully trained and certified as sworn law enforcement officers and who volunteer their time to the agency. They provide valuable assistance at major events and supplement call-answering activities in the field.

Commanding Officer: Captain Jill Gladieux