Building Bridges

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Building bridges is about coming together.

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Bridges are built from both sides of the obstacle they are spanning. As both a construction project and a figure of speech, building bridges is about meeting in the middle of a shared space in order to progress.

The day he was appointed as Greensboro’s 22nd Police Chief, Wayne Scott made a public commitment to building bridges. To the Greensboro Police Department, building bridges is more than just a phrase. It is a way of relating to the people we serve. It is a philosophy about partnerships that is the cornerstone of Neighborhood Oriented Policing. It is the spirit in which we do our work.

The Building Bridges campaign offers a wealth of ways we can connect with each other:

  • We highlight existing programs you can participate in.
  • We show you how to provide feedback on how we are doing.
  • We emphasize ways you can connect with us – either face-to-face or through a variety of online or social media platforms.
  • We introduce you to some new events that provide a deeper look at your police department, some challenges we face, and how we are working towards our vision of being a national model for exceptional policing.

Building Bridges also highlights things you can do on your own to better connect with the officers and non-sworn employees who serve you. You can also find ways to get your neighbors involved in making your neighborhood safer.

The men and women of Greensboro Police Department firmly believe this is an exciting time to be a resident of Greensboro. Our city can be a better and safer place to live, work, and visit when we work together to build bridges. By communicating with each other and getting to know each other better, we build mutual trust, respect and understanding; these are the pillars that support the bridge.

Take a few minutes to look through this site to find ways you can be a part of building the bridge.
    How GPD is building the bridge
    ~ How you can build the bridge
    ~ Meeting in the middle 

     Contact us to get involved.

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