From GPD's Side

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“I didn’t know you did that!” is phrase we often hear when we talk to our community members
about GPD.

Your police department offers you many ways to connect with us, lots of information at your fingertips, and dozens of programs and events that help build understanding, trust and confidence.

Here are some of the things we do to help build the bridge that connects your police department with you:

  • We continuously look for better ways to serve you. We find and adapt best practices in policing, like Neighborhood Oriented Policing, in order to make our city safer and improve your quality of life.
  • We offer ways you can be aware of crimes happening in your neighborhood. Each week, we publish an updated crime report. We also subscribe to Crimemapping, an interactive site that allows you to query for data and sign up for crime alerts.
  • We let you know how we are doing. We are pretty critical of ourselves. Each year we publish a Professional Standards Report that contains analyzes of the high-risk aspects of our job, and outlines residents' complaints. We also encourage your feedback about how we are serving you.
  • We are committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect. Our employees are taught some of the most cutting-edge aspects of communicating and understanding others. We learn about unconscious bias through Intrinsic Bias training. We stress effective interpersonal communication skills in all that we teach and all that we do. Also, we practice Procedural Justice as a way of interacting with you.
  • We have a School Resource Officer (SRO) in every city middle and high school. The SRO is a specially trained officer who enjoys working with children. He or she serves as a mentor, role model, and problem-solver for your child.
  • You have a Community Resource Officer (CRO) to maintain close relationships with the residents of your area in order to be familiar with the problems and issues that are of concern to you. If you do not know the officer responsible for your neighborhood, find out here.
  • We offer many community programs to help make your neighborhood safer and to let you get to know us better. We encourage you to join us in one or more of them.
  • We offer many ways you can connect with us! We have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel. You can also sign up for Nextdoor, a free, secure social network for your neighborhood. If you want to connect with us on your mobile device, download the MyPD app. Here are all the ways you can connect with us.
  • We spend a part of our week with young people. We participate in Junior Achievement, Lunch Buddies, Reading Buddies, Saturday Night Lights, African-American Male Initiative, and many youth-oriented programs.
  • When we are not in uniform, we volunteer in our community. Our officers and employees are athletic coaches, pastors, mentors to young people, reading coaches, members of nonprofit organizations, and animal advocates.

Find ways you and GPD can work together to make Greensboro safer by meeting in the middle.