Citizens Advisory Council

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Citizens Advisory Council 1Citizens Advisory Councils serve an important function to police commanders. Each community advisory board is a small group comprised of representatives from neighborhood watch groups, community and/or business leaders, and other community-based groups within one of the four operational divisions. Visitors are welcome to attend and become part of an advisory council.

Advisors are responsible for:
  • Staying informed of current events in their community
  • Citizens Advisory Council 2Serving as departmental advocates at other community meetings
  • Providing support and/or advice on problems or public safety issues
Members represent the various communities or groups throughout the service area. Although any one group may have several members present at the meetings, only one member from each community group is allowed a vote. These community leaders meet monthly with police representatives to voice concerns or to brief commanders on the most pressing issues for their areas of responsibility.

Western Division's council raises funds to assist with supplies, Citizens Advisory Council 3brochures, and more. The council purchased and dedicated the curio cabinet located in the Western Operation Center Lobby.

For more information on Citizens Advisory Councils, call the Office of Community Engagement at 336-373-2636.