Crime Stoppers: Payoff Procedures

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Crime StoppersThe Program

Crime Stoppers is a community-oriented program that uses law enforcement, the community, and the media to fight crime.

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Reporting & Payoff Procedures
  • Callers who contact Crime Stoppers are given a code number unique to their information. Callers are told to re-contact Crime Stoppers for an update on the investigation.
  • The caller’s information is relayed to the appropriate division or district for follow-up.
  • When the caller re-contacts, he or she is given the status of the case. If an arrest is made and/or drugs or property are recovered as a result of the caller’s information, the caller is instructed to call back at a later date for payoff information.
  • A civilian board of directors oversees the payoff procedure. Using a report provided by Crime Stoppers, the board approves a payoff amount and sets a date for payment.
  • When the caller re-contacts, he or she is given a “payoff number,” along with details for receiving payment. The caller must have the original code number, payoff number, the information originally given to Crime Stoppers, and the action taken that led to an arrest or recovery of drugs or property. Payoff checks are made out to the caller’s code number, which they endorse on the back with the code number, not their name. They are then given the corresponding amount of cash. We do not attempt to identify the caller, and no court appearance is required.