GPD Time Capsule

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One hundred years from now, 

what do you want people to know about
the Greensboro Police Department
and its relationship with the people it serves?

GPD is collecting items to place in a time capsule that will be buried alongside 100 Police Plaza later this year, with instructions to be opened on May 15, 2117. That’s 100 years from now on National Peace Officers’ Day.

The time capsule will bring together a collection of personal memorabilia that reflects the current cultural climate of police and community relations. We are looking for objects that give a snapshot of policing in Greensboro in 2017.

If you want to be a part of this historic event,
send us something you would like to be placed in the capsule.

Example items:

A letter
An essay
A small object
A song
Or something else totally unique

Mail or bring your artifact to us, along with this completed form no later than August 31. A committee of police employees and community members will decide which items will go in the capsule. 

Submissions will be judged on:
The emotion it evokes
The story it tells about police-community relations

Its historical relevance

Objects that are not selected will go on display at the Police Headquarters. 

“Through the objects placed in these time capsules, we are sending messages to future generations about how our officers and our profession were perceived during this time in our city’s history,” said Chief Wayne Scott. “Every object in the time capsule will tell a story. Collectively, those stories will provide an emotional context for what it was like to be an officer and a community member in Greensboro.”