Weekly Crime Data

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Last Week's Report

This report divides Part 1  offenses into violent and property crimes. The data reflects the number of reported incidents.

However, for national uniformity, GPD reports the number of victims for homicide and aggravated assault up to the state and federal level.

Every week, GPD takes a close look at Part 1 crimes
and arrest statistics.

Part I crimes include a count of both serious violent and property
crimes, as categorized by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. Each month, GPD submits information on the number of
Part I offenses known to us.

UCR collects data about Part I offenses in order to measure the level
and scope of crime occurring throughout the nation. The program’s founders chose these offenses because they are serious crimes that occur with regularity in all areas of the country, which are likely
to be reported to police. GPD pays special attention to these crimes
for the same reasons.

Part I Crimes are: 
    Criminal homicide 
    Forcible rape 
    Aggravated assault 
    Burglary (breaking or entering) 
    Larceny-theft (except motor vehicle theft) 
    Motor vehicle theft

The Greensboro Police Department is in the preliminary stages of transitioning to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's newest standard for crime reporting. Called the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), this method of categorizing crime replaces the existing Uniform Crime Reporting (URC) program that has been in existence since 1930.

The Nation-Wide transition to NIBRS provides standardized definitions of crime along with counting rules so that data can be consistent and more easily understood across all jurisdictions.