Reporting Suspicious Activity

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Whether you live or work within the City of Greensboro or are simply passing through, the Greensboro Police Department encourages you to report suspicious activity. The first step in preventing crime is to take away the opportunity. One way of taking away opportunity is to report suspicious activity. Here are a few guidelines:

~ If you are reporting a crime-in-progress, emphasize that point first when talking with the dispatcher. Then, stay on the phone to give the dispatcher all additional information. If you want to be contacted by the responding officer, please tell the dispatcher.

~ If you see a suspicious person, watch him or her carefully. Suspicious circumstances are not always considered criminal in nature. If you see activity that you deem “suspicious,” please call police dispatch to report it and include why you think it is suspicious. The dispatcher might not be aware of recent crimes in your area, of which you are familiar. The response time can be extended depending on the time of day, number of calls for service, and information you give the dispatcher.

Example: A person walking down the street "looking suspicious" would not be as high a priority as a person walking down the street trying to open car doors. Remember to tell the dispatcher why you think the activity or person is suspicious.

~ If you see an unfamiliar vehicle parked on your street, record the license number and description of the vehicle if possible. If the vehicle is occupied and the occupant(s) appears suspicious, call the police at 9-1-1. Do not approach the vehicle. You do not have to identify yourself to the dispatcher, however, the Police Department appreciates knowing who called, since officers may need additional information when they arrive.

If you are not sure whether your call is an emergency, call 9-1-1.
The operator will tell you what to do or refer you to a business line.

If you know your call is not an emergency, then call 336-373-2222.

Residents are the “eyes and ears” of their local law enforcement agency and are a vital part of fighting crime effectively. Only by joining together can we reduce the opportunity for a crime to occur and help each other make Greensboro a safer place to live.

Printable Resource
Reporting Suspicious Activity Checklist
Brochure - Reporting Suspicious Activity