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Young people say that bullying is one of the biggest problems they face. In fact, 52 percent of students report seeing bullying at least once a week. This negatively affects the victims and the bullies as well as the kids who witness bullying and the school environment as a whole.Usually bullying happens when adults aren’t around, in between classes, at lunch or recess, and after school. Still, bullying rarely takes place without an audience--kids are around to see bullying 85 percent of the time.

But even though they see it, kids usually don’t try to stop bullying. That doesn’t mean kids don’t want to help--two out of three kids want to help when they see bullying–but it means that they don’t know how.

In this TV appearance, McGruff helps kids take on a bully by approaching the victim, putting his arm around him, and helping him walk away from the bully–all with backup from a group of like-minded friends. When friends help out, bullying stops in ten seconds 57 percent of the time.

Kids can find more ways to step in to stop bullying on McGruff.org.


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