Victims' Rights

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Get Informed...Victims' Rights

Victims of all but a few felonies and all domestic violence assaults have rights afforded to them by North Carolina State Statutes 15A-825 through 15A-831. The agency investigating these offenses has the duty to make victims aware of information they have a right to know. The information includes:

  • the availability of medical services
  • the availability of crime victim compensation funds and the contact information for the agency responsible for dispensing these funds, and
  • the address and telephone number of the district attorney’s office which will be responsible for the prosecution of their case

Victims also must be contacted by the investigating agency within 72 hours of an arrest in their case.

Victims also have the right to a contact number within the investigating agency, which they can call if they have not been notified of the arrest in their case within six months, information about the arrestee’s opportunity for pretrial release, and a law enforcement number they can call to find out if the arrestee has been released from custody, pending trial.