Remove a Trespasser

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Trespassing Removal Program

Occasionally, officers are called to remove or assist in the removal of people trespassing on private parking lots.

During normal business hours and if the parking lot is open to the public, a property owner (or designee) may call for police assistance to have trespassers removed under the City's trespassing program. The owner may be asked by police to instruct the trespassers to leave the property in their presence before taking action themselves.

After hours, a property owner may ask for officers to remove people trespassing on private parking lots in their absence. To take action, however, the Police Department must have a current Enforcement of Trespass Law Letter of Intent on file from the property owner.

This trespassing program is designed specifically for business parking lots and properties, not residential properties. Apartment complexes are not eligible for this program

Responsibilities of Property Owners

Prior to enforcement action by police, a property owner must display warning signs against trespassing and have a Letter of Intent on file with the Greensboro Police Department.

  • Signs: Warning signs must be clearly displayed to the public. The sign must be worded in a manner as to be clear in its intent; for example, "No Trespassing, Parking, or Loitering after Hours, Violators Will be Prosecuted." It is suggested that the sign be at least two feet by two feet. A Community Resource Team officer will inspect your sign(s) before approving a property for the program.
  • Letter of Intent: A property owner having control of the marked parking area must complete a Enforcement of Trespass Law Letter of Intent and return it to the Police Department. The letter of intent must be signed by the owner or designee.
  • Court Appearance: If required, a property owner or designee must also be available to testify in court if contacted prior to 11 am and asked to attend the afternoon court session.

To place your letter on file, please forward it to your community Resource Officer. Don't know who your CRO is? Find out here.