Turn in an Unwanted Weapon

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Call GPD’s non-emergency line at 336-373-2222 and say you want to turn in an unwanted weapon and/or ammunition. An officer or CSI will make arrangements with you to pick it up.

There is no limit to the number of firearms you can turn in. Once a weapon is surrendered, it will not be returned to you.

Please unload and clear the weapon before we arrive. If you do not know how to clear or unload the weapon,
do not try to figure it out. Let the officer or CSI know that you have not cleared it, and then he or she will check the weapon and render it safe when it's picked up.

We check firearms through a national database to determine if they have been reported lost or stolen. We make every effort to return lost/stolen weapons to their rightful owners.

Thank you for doing your part to keep unwanted weapons off the streets.