Becoming a GPD Volunteer

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What is a GPD volunteer?
A Greensboro Police Department volunteer is someone who is interested in performing services for the department without promise, expectation, or receipt of compensation for services rendered. Volunteers are a vital part of our police department. They help the department and the community, which gives them the satisfaction of helping others.

Type of Volunteer Opportunities:

Community Watch Leader (Upon Availability):  Leads the Community watch in their neighborhood.  This position may be filled if you have an active community watch already established.

  • "Eyes and ears", shares information, communicates with group 
  • Recruits new members, delegates responsibility among members
  • Distributes news/information to the group including: current crime prevention
  • information, meeting dates, community activities and events Leads meetings, develops agendas, coordinates with law enforcement

Community Watch Block Captain (Upon Availability):  A point of contact on each street included in a watch (the more blocks included in a watch will need more block captains) This position may be filled if you have an active community watch already established.

  • "Eyes and ears", shares information, communicates with group 
  • Supports Watch Captain in maintaining the group
  • Recruits new members

Community Watch Member:  Active community member in their area's neighborhood watch.

  • "Eyes and ears" - reports suspicious activity/vehicles to police and Block Captain 
  • Shares information communicates with group

Dog Walk Watcher:
ThDog Walker Watch encourages these neighbors to assist local law enforcement as extra eyes and ears while out walking their dog. The program enhances the partnership between police and community while providing resources for neighbors to be more aware and how to effectively observe and report suspicious activity and get to know your neighbors. For more information, please e-mail the office of Community Engagement .

Police Citizen's Academy Alumni: 
Those whom graduate our Greensboro Police Citizens’ Academy (GPCA), held annually February-May, are invited to join our Alumni Group. The GPCA Alumni consists of community members who maintain a partnership with GPD and encourage this partnership among others in their respective communities. The Alumni group meets quarterly at our Maple Street Substation to discuss group updates, fundraising efforts with the Greensboro Police Foundation, recent crime trends, and any upcoming needs. The Alumni group also supports the department by helping with and attending various programming, such as Operation Yuletide, Special Olympics, and Crime Stoppers Fundraisers.

Police Chaplain:
Are you an ordained clergy from within the community? You could support GPD in situations involving death, serious injury, suicide and domestic violence. This position requires a background check.  Please contact GPD’s office of Community engagement via the contact information below.

Social Media Supporter:
Help support GPD by sharing and reposting information. This can help with crime alerts, street closures, silver alerts and AMBER Alerts.

Contact Us!

Office of Community Engagement
100 Police Plaza 
Greensboro, NC 27401

Phone: 336-373-2636