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The Greensboro Police Department Reserves Unit is a program that trains individuals to function as police officers on a volunteer basis. Begun in 1952, the Reserve Unit has approximately 30 members. The only difference between regular and Reserve Officers is pay. Reserves do the job for free!

Reserve Officers must meet the same pre-employment requirements as regular, paid officers. This includes all medical, psychological, and fitness standards. They must also pass a background investigation, a drug test, and an oral board. Once selected for the program, a Reserve candidate must attain state certification as a sworn officer (currently 602 hours of training). The individual is then sworn as a Reserve Officer with the Greensboro Police Department and is assigned to a field training program for at least 100 hours of training with an experienced training officer.

Reserve Officers must work at least 10 hours per month and must complete the same training as regular, paid officers. They typically serve as a second officer in a squad car, working along with a paid officer. More experienced Reserve Officers are permitted to work solo on patrol duties.

Applicants interested in a Reserve Officer position should contact the Recruitment Line at 1-888-GPD-JOBS (1888-473-5627). You may also contact one of our recruiters - Harold Scott at 336-373-4594 or Tony Phifer at 336-373-2107.