Substance Abuse Help

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Substance Abuse Help

  "Substance abuse within our communities also precipitates other problems,
  such as individuals committing crimes to fuel their addictions. And finally,
  our jails—where so many drug-addicted individuals end up—are not always
  the appropriate place to provide services for individuals going through withdrawal  
  or the recovery process."
  - From “Addressing 21st Century Drug Issues” by the IACP -

Greensboro, like cities across the United States, faces issues related to substance abuse every day. The rise in opioid abuse, increased heroin addiction, and the introduction of new illegal drugs add to this problem. 

Each week, Greensboro first responders treat dozens of people who have overdosed on prescription or illegal drugs. Police, Fire, and EMS carry NARCAN ®, a medication administered as an emergency measure to treat potentially fatal opioid overdoses. 

Our first responders encourage the people they revive to get help for their addiction. Guilford County is home to multiple treatment options as is our state. Many people have already received help and first responders are proud of each person who reclaims his or her life. First responders know the struggle to overcome drugs and addiction is incredibly difficult.

Other people have not been able to escape the suffocating grasp of addiction. Too many promising lives are cut short by drug abuse. The stories of the victims are sad. Many, like Caleb, have an unlikely journey to a fatal overdose. The tragic stories of drug abuse could have better outcomes if Caleb and others had followed through with treatment.

If you are with someone when they overdose, please call 9-1-1 immediately. Under NC law, you and the overdose victim will be protected from prosecution under certain conditions. What is most important is that the victim receive potentially life-saving care.

First responders cannot fight this explosive epidemic alone. You can help by:

- Taking steps to prevent drug use
Recognizing the signs of addiction
- Getting treatment for yourself or others
Properly disposing unwanted medication

Report suspected drug activity by calling 9-1-1 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 336-373-1000.