Parking Enforcement

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Avoid a $250 parking fine or towing by: 

Never parking in a:

  • Handicapped space without your handicap placard
  • Handicapped striped access area, which is a part of the designated handicap space.

Avoid a $50 parking fine or towing by: 

Never parking:

  • Within 5 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • In a Fire Lane.

Avoid a $35 parking fine or towing by:

Never parking:

  • In a tow-in zone or "No Parking Anytime" zone In a loading zone for more than the time allowed -- one hour for commercial license plates or 30 minutes for non-commercial
  • In a passenger loading area, except when someone stays in the vehicle to pick up a passenger
  • Within five feet in either direction of a driveway or alleyway
  • Within 25 feet of an intersection
  • Where it will exceed the specified time in controlled residential parking areas without a permit
  • On city streets if the vehicle is oversized (more than 80 inches wide or 30 feet long).

Avoid a $15 parking fine by:


  • Exceeding the specified time in metered or timed parking spaces
  • Parking facing opposing traffic
  • Obstructing a sidewalk or crosswalk.

These are some of the main violations. The complete list of parking offenses can be found in the City's Municipal Code of Ordinances.

Pay a parking ticket:


By mail at: 
    City of Greensboro 
    Parking Enforcement 
    PO Box 3136 
    Greensboro, NC 27402

In person at:

Melvin Municipal Office Building
300 W. Washington St. 
UG Level Collections

Melvin Municipal Office Building
300 W. Washington St. 
Parking Enforcement Office
UG Level, Room 29 

Kitchen Operations Center
2602 S. Elm/Eugene St.

Appeal a ticket by:

Completing an online Parking Citation Appeal Form or this mail-in form and sending it to the Parking Enforcement Office within 10 days of the parking citations' issue date.