Residential Parking Program

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The City requires vehicles to have a parking permit in three designated Residential Parking Zones. If you are a City resident that lives within one of these zones, you may be eligible for a permit.



In person: 
Melvin Municipal Office Building 
Parking Operations & Enforcement Office 
300 W. Washington St., Room UG-29

Permit Requirements & Process

To apply, you must be able to provide:

  • A valid vehicle registration form (The vehicle must be owned or leased by you, your parents, legal guardian or spouse.)
  • A valid North Carolina Driver’s license
  • Proof of current residence, such as a lease, utility bill, or bank statement that shows a date as well as resident’s name and current address.

Once staff reviews the online or paper application and the required items for verification, you will be notified by e-mail, phone, or in-person (if you apply at our office) that your License Tag is now registered in our license plate recognition system. We no longer issue decals to be placed on your vehicle. We register the license tag and that’s how we determine validity when parking enforcement is conducting their enforcement checks in these areas. 

Residential Parking Zones

  • Zone 1 – UNCG area 
  • Zone 2 – A&T University area
  • Zone 3 – UNCG area - Glenwood Neighborhood