Valet Parking Program

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Valet parking in the Central Business District (CBD) of Greensboro has existed since November 2007. The ordinance governing this service is located in Chapter 16 and Section 16-204 of the Greensboro City Code of Ordinances. Valet parking is a service provided to customers of an establishment where possession of the vehicle is taken in the right-of-way for purpose of parking the vehicle and/or returning the vehicle to the operator. Typically, there is a fee charged by the Valet Operator for this type of service, but that is not required. There are established Valet Parking zones in the CBD and new applications for zones are evaluated as to location and proximity to other Valet Parking zones.

Please review the Valet Parking OrdinanceValet Parking Petition, and Valet Parking Application to begin your process for offering this service in Greensboro.