Traffic Signals

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Traffic signal maintenenceThe Traffic Signal division installs, operates and maintains traffic control devices in the City of Greensboro. Currently, the division operates and maintains 481 traffic signals, 42 continuous flashers, 23 activated flashers, 53 school zone warning flashers, 16 CCTV traffic cameras, various electronic signs, message boards, and more than 120 miles of fiber optic cable connecting the traffic signals to a centralized traffic control computer system.

Additionally, 85 of Greensboro’s traffic signals are equipped with electronics that recognize and react to emergency vehicles such as fire and EMS. This equipment gives emergency vehicles a green light, enabling them to arrive quickly and safely to an emergency call.

Traffic Signal 2Properly functioning traffic signals are the division’s highest priority. Staff generally respond to maintenance and repair calls within one hour. The staff consists of 13 traffic signal technicians, two supervisors and a work coordinator, and the office is staffed form 7 am to 5:30 pm Mondays through Fridays. One technician is always on call to keep the signals functioning properly.

To report a signal malfunction or bulb failure, call 373-CITY (7 am to 6 pm) or 373-2222 (after hours).