Neighborhood Speed Watch Program

About Speed Watch

The Neighborhood Speed Watch Program lets you take an active role in helping to change driver behavior in your neighborhood.

The Greensboro Department of Transportation (GDOT) will loan a radar display unit to you so you can monitor speeds along your street. The unit displays the speed limit for the street and the travel speed of passing cars. You record the speeds as drivers go by, giving you an idea just how fast they are traveling.

Often, drivers are unaware of their speed or of the impact their speed has on the residents they are passing. This type of real-time awareness encourages speeding motorists to slow down. Passing motorists are left with the message that residents will not tolerate speeding in your neighborhood.

Why Should I Get Involved?

Requests for reduced speed limits in residential neighborhoods are the most frequent type received by GDOT. GDOT has a policy for posting reduced speed limits on residential streets.

However, posting reduced speed limits alone does not change driver behavior. Educating drivers and residents is equally important. This educational process leads you and motorists who frequently travel on your road to work together to pay more attention to speeds in neighborhoods.