Sight Obstructions

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City ordinance requires property owners to remove vegetation, fences, signs, or any other objects that obstruct the view of motorists. The Traffic Engineering staff receives many calls each year about intersections that are unsafe due to overgrown vegetation that obstructs the view of motorists pulling into the intersection.

City staff investigates these reported intersections and determines the need for vegetation to be removed. If vegetation or another object is determined to be obstructing motorists' view, a staff member will leave a notice for the property owner to clear the obstruction.

GDOT encourages property owners to keep vegetation trimmed and to remove any other objects that obstruct the view of motorists at intersections. Most sign obstruction calls are received during the spring and summer seasons when vegetation growth is most abundant.

Sight obstruction diagram 
Sight obstruction triangle


Major Street 
Speed Limit
L - Distance Along
Major Street
25 150
30 200
35 250
40 300
45 350
50 400
55 500

To report a Sight Obstruction contact 373-CITY (2489).