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Did You Know?
GTA offers a free Discount Identification Card that gives holders half-price fares if they: are a veteran, senior citizen (60 years or older), are a student (6-18 years), receive Medicaid/Medicare, or have a disability. Documentation of any of these is required to receive a card, which must be shown to the driver at boarding each time. For more information, call 336-335-6499.

GTA Title VI Notice to the Public, Reasonable Modifications Statement and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

Greensboro Transit Agency complies with federal laws that prohibit discrimination against people because of their race, color or national origin, disability, and in some cases, sex, age or low income status. Also, reasonable modification requests can be made to GTA for the use of transit services. Click to view the full notice or download the Reasonable Modifications and Procedures Guide

Copies of GTA documents are available in accessible formats upon request. Please call GTA at 336-373-2634 with your request.