Google Transit

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Ready to plan your trip on GTA or HEAT? Try Google Transit!

A subset of Google Maps, the Google Transit widget (below) and app provides trip planning services using route data provided by GTA. And, it is available on your mobile device, tablet or desktop.

To give it a try, either use the widget above, or go to the Google Maps Transit website or app (Apple Store, Google Play). Enter your starting location and ending destination. Change the time and date if you are planning a future trip.

Google Transit Homescreen

The results give you the:

  • Closest bus stop and walking distance to it
  • Route name and number
  • Identified transfers
  • Location where you will get off the bus
  • Time the trip will take
  • How much you would save taking the bus versus driving a personal vehicle.

Here are a few user tips:

1. Although Google Transit will accept names of landmarks (i.e. Four Seasons Town Center, Greensboro Coliseum), you can sometimes improve the accuracy by using the street address (i.e. 300 W. Washington Street).

Google Trip 2. If the trip result seems to suggest a fair amount of walking, choose the "Less Walking" option.

3. To familiarize yourself with what you will see on your trip, turn on Satellite View or for a street level perspective, use Street View.

4. The Google Transit schedules use scheduled arrival and departure times, not real-time. It will not indicate if a bus is running late. To get real-time information, consider downloading the free Transloc Rider bus tracker or call GTA Customer Service at 336-335-6499.

5. Although the fare may read $1.50 for your trips, keep in mind that your fare will be lower if you are eligible for discounted fares or fare-free service.

We hope the system will provide efficient options for using GTA for your trip. We welcome your feedback if you see trip suggestions that are incorrect. Please send your feedback to GTA Marketing. Make sure to include the trip information you submitted as well as the result. 

The GTA Google Transit project was made possible with assistance from the UNCG Center for Geographic Information Science and UNCG Parking Operations and Campus Access Management.

So, what are you waiting for...get bus Googling!