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GO PassGreensboro...#GETCARDED!
GTA and HEAT now accepts the GO pass! It's the easiest way to move on GTA. We believe it will provide you with the best payment option for travel on HEAT and GTA, but you may have a few questions about it, such as:

What is the GO pass?
The GO pass is a transit smart card accepted on all GTA and HEAT buses. Similar to a debit card, the GO pass allows you to pay your bus fare from the value stored on card. When the GO pass value is used up, simply add more at the Depot or GTA Administrative Offices.

How do I use the GO pass?Middle-aged African American Female
When you board a GTA or HEAT bus, simply tap the top of the farebox with the GO pass. The farebox will automatically deduct the full fare or the discount fare depending on the type of GO pass used. If you use a discount GO pass, you may be asked to show a valid GTA discount ID. After paying the fare, take your transfer as usual.

If there is more than one passenger you want to pay the fare for, simply tap the GO pass once, wait for the confirmation beep, then tap the GO pass again. If the Adult GO pass is used to pay for a discounted fare (i.e. student or senior), the farebox will deduct the full adult fare.

How does the Go pass benefit me?
The durable, rechargeable GO pass requires a simple tap, eliminating searching for change and that speeds up the boarding process. And you do not have to remove the GO pass from your wallet; simply tap the wallet on the farebox. Also, GO pass use offers savings of up to 20 percent, similar to one free ride for every four paid trips.

Are there any other benefits of using the GO pass?
Through the GO pass partnership with a number of local merchants, you can flash your pass for various discounts on dining, retail, water parks and more! Learn more on the GO pass extra$ page.

Young Hispanic MaleHow much is the GO pass?
You can purchase a GO pass at the Depot or GTA Administrative Offices for the amount you want to place on pass plus $1 card fee. You must place a minimum of 2$ on the pass. The GO pass is also available at all Greensboro Public Library Branches for $11 which includes the $1 card fee. In the case of lost or stolen passes, you must present proof of purchase of the original pass to regain the lost value. You can check the value on your pass at the farebox or at the Depot or GTA offices.

Young Caucasian FemaleIs the GO pass transferable?
Yes, anyone can use your GO pass, but if it is a discount GO pass, he or she will be required to provide proper GTA identification.

How can I protect my GO pass?
Protect your GO pass like you would cash or credit cards. Keep it stored in a safe place when not in use. Since it merely needs to be tapped to pay a fare, you can tap the farebox with your wallet or purse. If you lose your GO pass, contact GTA Customer Service immediately at 336-335-6499 so a block can be placed on its use.

I still have questions about the GO pass. Who can I contact?
Sorry we did not address your question. Please call GTA Customer Service at 336-335-6499 so we can get you an answer.

Also, get more information on the GO pass by watching our YouTube video