New Battery-Electric Buses

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The Future is Electric!

FutureisElectricGTA has been a local leader in transit sustainability with the use of fuel-efficient and alternative fuel buses and the construction of a Gold-certified LEED Operations and Administration Facility. Our most recent venture is our most exciting yet -- battery-electric rechargeable buses. The 40-foot coaches were built by Proterra, a national leader in the production of custom battery electric buses based in Greenville, SC.

The buses offer features similar to our existing fleet with the exception of its power source. Instead of diesel fuel, the buses use electricity stored in on-board batteries to drive the electric motor. This electricity comes from overnight charging kiosks as well as a quick-charging kiosk located at the Depot. Through a process called regenerative braking, the vehicle's constant stops also provides electricity to the batteries.

GTA has long encouraged the community to "Dump The Pump" and ride public transit, and the Proterra bus is a stranger to the diesel fuel pump. PlugNRidewebBecause no fossil fuel is used, the only emission from the battery-electric bus is water. There's also a reduced noise level for riders and the communities in which the buses operate. While in service, GTA expects to save $850,000 in fuel and maintenance per bus over 10 years. In addition to the energy saving features, the battery-electric bus will offers our newest perk to riders: under-seat USB ports for charging phones and mobile devices. Check out the electric bus at a bus stop near you!