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Adopt-a-Stop The Adopt-a-Stop program gives community organizations and businesses the opportunity to partner with Greensboro Transit Agency (GTA) to help keep our city beautiful. Partners "adopt" a bus stop or shelter and agree to keep it clean throughout the year and report any observed damage.

What are the responsibilities of an Adopt-a-Stop partner?
Very simply, Adopt-a-Stop partners agree to pick up litter, report damage, and generally keep the area around the stop / shelter free of debris and unsightly clutter.

Is there a cost involved to become an Adopt-a-Stop partner?
There is no charge to become an Adopt-a-Stop partner. The only cost involved is for materials the partner chooses to use (garbage bags, plastic gloves, etc.) in clean-up efforts.

What recognition do Adopt-a-Stop partners receive?
A sign will be posted on the stop / shelter with the partner's name showing that the group is a GTA Adopt-a-Stop partner working to help keep Greensboro beautiful. GTA will also recognize new partners at monthly GTA board meetings and in other possible publicity venues.

How do we get started? 
Submit a request online or call Kevin Elwood at 336-412-6309 to request an Adopt-a-Stop Partner Agreement package. Review and return the signed agreement and Safety Requirements form to GTA. Once approved, you are a GTA Adopt-a-Stop partner and can begin tending to your bus stop.

Corporate Connections

The Corporate Connections program provides businesses with an opportunity to partner with GTA to meet the transportation needs of employees. Visit the Corporate Connections page to learn more. 


GTA values the input of riders and the general community on ways to improve service. The following options enable you to share your thoughts on GTA and public transportation in Greensboro.

Public Meetings

Public meetings are held periodically to gather community feedback on route changes, new services, and other important transit needs. Please look for upcoming public meetings on this website, Greensboro's GTN channel, and postings at GTA facilities.

Service Evaluation Meetings

Service evaluation meetings are held once per quarter and provide a forum for GTA staff and board representatives to evaluate current transit system performance and plan future changes to benefit public transportation operations. Please visit the GTA Board and Committees page for upcoming dates.

Transit Orientation Program

As a public service, GTA reaches out to our future riders with a free transit orientation program. A guide can pick up your class or group from your location and educate everyone on the beneficial use of public transportation services. At the Depot, the guide will familiarize guests with the transit transfer center, as well as the other public transportation and service offerings located on site. To book a Transit Orientation, contact Kevin Elwood at 336-412-6309.

Travel Training Program

GTA offers travel training to ADA eligible SCAT riders and disabled individuals within the Greensboro community. This training program teaches individuals how to access and ride the Fixed Route regular bus system. Group training is also available. If you are interested in scheduling travel training or would like to request more information about the Travel Training Program, please call 336-373-2182.