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A Transportation Partnership Moving Your Employees To Work And Beyond!

In today's business climate, competing for reliable, well-trained employees requires innovative benefits and perks to stand out in a crowded market. Why not offer a benefit that, after housing, is the typical household's highest expense...transportation!

CC Fact 1Commuter Connections is a partnership with Greensboro Transit Agency and City of Greensboro providing tangible benefits for you and your workforce in the area of transportation.

What you provide
A tax-free* benefit to your employees for up to $260 per month by purchasing GTA bus passes and gifting them to staff or selling them to employees through a pre-tax payroll deduction.

What we provide

  • A Commuter Connections consulting team to assess the transportation needs of your workforce
  • Access to reliable transportation to and from work each day through the GTA/HEAT transit system
  • Savings on household transportation expenses
  •  Reduced congestion on our roadways and your parking lot
  • Easy links with regional and national transit providers (with additional fare).

For a limited time, GTA will provide Commuter Connections partners with 31-day unlimited ride passes for six months at 50 percent off with a one-year partnership agreement.  

To learn more, contact GTA Commuter Connections at 336-412-6309 to set up a free partnership consultation!

Useful Resources:
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*Consult your tax advisor.