Policies and Procedures Manual

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The Greensboro Transit Authority Board approves policies necessary for the overall operation of the GTA system. Policies are approved at monthly board meetings after input is provided by the community. Procedures are also created with input from public transportation staff to carry out day to day operations in support of the policies. Listed below is the full text of the GTA Policy and Procedures Manual available for public download by section or download the entire manual.

Board Approved Policies

System-Wide Policies
1.A.1          Advertising Policy
1.A.2          Customer Service Complaint
1.A.3          Disruptive Behavior
1.A.4          Driver Conduct
1.A.5          Fares
1.A.5.a            Fare Structure
1.A.5.b            Paratransit Client's Free Use of Fixed Route Service
1.A.5.c            Personal Care Attendants or Companions
1.A.5.d            GTA Reduced Fare Policy and Procedure    
1.A.6          Inclement Weather
1.A.7          Major and Minor Service Reduction
1.A.8.a       Title VI Disparate Impact Policy
1.A.8.b       Disproportionate Burden Policy
1.A.9          Petitioning, Solicitation and Distribution of Literature
1.A.10        Public Participation
1.A.11        Seat Belts
1.A.12        Service Animals
1.A.13        Service Area and Hours of Operation
1.A.14        Carry-On Items
1.A.15        Infant Boarding Policy
1.A.16        Transit Services - Complimentary Pass
1.A.17        ADA Provision of Service
1.A.18        Transit Amenities
1.A.19        Vehicle Assignment
1.A.20        Proper Attire

Fixed-Route Policies
1.B.1          Passenger Standee
1.B.2          GTA Rider Advisory Panel
1.B.3          Transfers
1.B.4          GTA Change Card Activation
1.B.5          31-Day College Student Pass Sale
1.B.6          GO Pass Policy
1.B.7          Donation of Bus Passes
Paratransit Policies
1.C.1           Late Cancelation and No-Show Policy
1.C.3           Paratransit Eligibility
1.C.3.a            Determining SCAT Eligibility
1.C.3.b            SCAT Certification Communications
1.C.3.c            Appeals
1.C.3.d            Recertification
1.C.4           Paratransit Reservations
1.C.4.a            Demand Trips
1.C.4.b            Subscription or Standing Orders
1.C.4.c            Trip Negotiation
1.C.5           Paratransit Service Delivery
1.C.5.a            Pickups and Dropoffs
1.C.5.b            Passenger Notification (under revision)
1.C.5.c             Vehicle Arrival (under revision)
1.C.5.d            Personal Care Attendants
1.C.5.e            Companions
1.C.5.f             Lap Restraint

Administrative Procedures

2.0             Policy for GTA Board Packet Distribution
2.1             Procedures for GTA Board Meeting Minutes
2.2             Exchange Procedure for Damaged Passes at the Depot
2.4             Medicaid Transportation Authorization Procedure
2.5             Cashbox Auditing Procedure
2.6             Procedure for Updating Demographic Maps
2.7             Elevator Emergency Procedure

Operating Procedures

System-Wide Operating Procedures
3.A.1        Air Conditioning
3.A.2        Bus Spot Checks
3.A.3        Driver Accident
3.A.4        Lost and Found
3.A.5        First Aid Kit Procedure
3.A.6        Procedure for Responding to Rider Emergencies
3.A.7        Service Lane Maintenance Procedure

Fixed-Route Operating Procedures
3.B.1        Bus Shelter and Stop Maintenance
3.B.3        End of Line
3.B.4        Wheelchair Lift Failures
3.B.5        Fare Box Coin Bypass Procedure

Paratransit Operating Procedures
3.C.1        Accommodations for SCAT Riders Whose Return Trip is Adversely Affected
                        by the Lateness of Their Initial Trip
3.C.2        Criteria for Placing SCAT Riders on Round-Trip Pay List
3.C.3        Door Hangers
3.C.4        Reservations
3.C.6        Telephone Communications
3.C.7        Wheelchair Lift Failure
3.C.8        Will Call Trips