Track Your Bus Live

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Guy on call phoneWondering where your bus is? Track it live with our real-time bus tracking system!

Use it to instantly locate all of our GTA and HEAT buses no matter where they are. View their current routes and get arrival countdowns for any of the bus stops.

Need more info? Turn on the map overlay to see streets and landmarks. You can even set a mobile alarm to notify you when the bus is five minutes away.

Fear missing your bus? Set the alarm to automatically alert you when the bus is 15, 10 or 5 minutes away from your preferred stop!

Powered by Transloc Rider, this service is available through your Web browser or as a downloadable app bus decalfor iOS and Android.

How to Track Your GTA or HEAT Bus

In your Web browser, type in

app logoTo get the app:
- Visit the iOS app store or Google play store.
- Search for Transloc Rider and install.
- In settings, select Greensboro Transit Authority as your system.

As a text:
If you do not have a smart phone, you can still check arrival status of your bus by texting the code gtaheat **** to 41411, where * is the four-digit bus stop number. For example, to determine the next arrivals at the Depot, text gtaheat 4000 to 41411. Make sure to add a space between gtaheat and the bus stop number. You will receive a reply text with your requested transloc signinformation.

What's my bus stop number?
We are now beginning to install this information at each bus stop. Until then, view our list of bus stops and numbers or call 336-335-6499.

Note: The Transloc Rider/GTA bus tracking app and website is a free service, but uses data and text to send and retrieve bus information. Please refer to your data plan for usage information.