2018-2027 Transportation Improvement Program

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The FY 2018-2027 MTIP document was adopted by the MPO on November 8, 2017. This document is a subset of the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) adopted by the NC Board of Transportation in August 2017. These documents are collectively referred to as the TIP.

2018-2027 MTIP

2018-2017 MTIP Amendment

The TIP lists projects selected for funding and schedules for project related activities such as right-of-way and construction. The MTIP includes only those projects in the Greensboro Urban Area while the STIP includes all projects in the state. Projects in the MTIP include those developed through the MPO's ongoing Priority Needs Process. The projects reflect those identified in the MPO's Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).

The FY 2018-2017 MTIP was developed through a well documented and transparent public process consistent with the requirements of the state Strategic Transportation Investments (STI) Act and federal regulatory requirements. The Strategic Prioritization Process is the methodology NCDOT uses to rank and identify projects for the TIP. The Strategic Prioritization Process is primarily performance-based and includes an evaluation of all modes as well as local input through the MPO and NCDOT Division 7. The prioritization process is modified for each TIP cycle. For the FY 2018-2027 TIP, the process was known as Prioritization 4.0 or P 4.0.

State law requires MPOs and RPOs to approve local methodologies for applying local input points to priority projects. State law requires NCDOT to review the methodologies for compliance with STI requirements. NCDOT approval is required for the methodologies to be considered valid for use in the Strategic Prioritization Process.

Public involvement is an important aspect of the Strategic Prioritization Process and TIP development and adoption. The MPO held three public review periods during the Prioritization 4.0 / FY 2018-2027 MTIP development process. The documents as released and public comments received are provided below.

Public Review Period I (February - July 2016)

MPO Methodology

Recommended Project List

Public Review Period II (July - August 2016)

Assignment of Local Points (includes Public Comments)

 Public Review Period III (September 2017)

 MTIP as adopted on October 8, 2017

 Other Information

 Transportation Project Update Newsletter

 Information on Prioritization 5.0 and development of the FY 2020-2029 MTIP