Transportation Alternatives Program

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Selected Projects

The projects selected for Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funding for the most recent application period and the scoring methodology used to select these projects can be found in the following link:

Please note that as of January 2015 the Greensboro Pedestrian Signals project has been withdrawn.

Background and Funding Availability

The Greensboro Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) administers the distribution of funds for TAP. The program was created as part of the most recent federal Surface Transportation Act, MAP-21, to replace former funding programs such as Safe Routes to School, Recreational Trails Program, and Transportation Enhancements.

The Greensboro MPO's allocations are estimated at $349,000 per year. Two years worth of funding were made available in the most recent application period: FY 2014-15 and FY 2015-16. A local match of 20 percent is required for all TAP projects.

Funding availability for future years will be announced at a later date.


Within the Greensboro MPO, the eligible entities to receive TAP funds are: local municipalities, GTA, PART, TAMS, the National Park Service, and Guilford County Schools. Although non-profit agencies are not eligible as direct grant recipients, they may partner with an eligible entity on a project, if state or local requirements permit.

Eligible projects are bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, Safe Routes to Schools projects (Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education Programs for Grades K-8), recreational trails, environmental mitigation, historic preservation if related to a transportation facility, and archaeological activities related to transportation impacts. Design funding for certain types of projects may also be considered. Ineligible projects include roadway capacity, transit, landscaping, and resurfacing or reconstruction.