Regional Planning

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The Greensboro MPO works closely with its regional partners on a variety of regional transportation projects, studies, and initiatives, including development of the Triad Regional Travel Demand Model, implementation of the Triad Early Action Compact, inter-connectivity among the three municipal transit systems and the PART regional transit system, investigations into future mass-transit alternatives, regional economic development and land use strategies, and other issues as they arise.

In early 2004, the four regional MPOs, PART, and NCDOT approved a Memorandum of Understanding for Enhanced Regional Cooperation. The stated purpose of the formal agreement is:

  1. To coordinate the implementation of land use and transportation plans and policies within the region to promote consistent growth management.
  2. To assist in the development of a regional travel demand model and serve as custodian of the regional travel demand model.
    • To perform annual maintenance duties for maintaining current data inputs to the travel demand model as described in the agreement signed by PART on February 12, 2003, and by the MPOs signatories on congruent dates.
    • To perform regional travel demand analysis for studies, projects, and initiatives undertaken at the regional level.
  3. Work with NCDOT and area MPOs on air quality functions:
    • Convene Triad MPOs and facilitate the collaborative development of a regional air quality strategy in compliance with NCGS 136-200.4, including a memorandum of understanding for the regional air quality planning process. Facilitate efforts to implement regional emissions reduction strategies at the regional level.
    • Study the means, opportunities, and benefits for the development of MPO and/or regional conformity analysis through PART.
  4. To cooperatively plan for and implement regional mass transportation systems, including regional public transportation systems and passenger fixed guideway systems.
  5. Planning and project development functions:
    • To plan for roadway projects of regional interest in cooperation, consultation, and coordination with partnering agencies. 
    • To collectively develop strategies for the development of regional transportation priorities by January 1, 2005 in cooperation, consultation, and coordination with partnering agencies.

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