Transit Planning & Projects

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Public transit is a vital element of the total transportation services provided within the Greensboro Metropolitan Area, and the larger Piedmont Triad Region. Not only does public transit provide options to senior citizens, those without vehicles, and those who are physically or economically disadvantaged, but it also is an efficient, low cost, high capacity means of moving people through a densely traveled corridor. The ability to provide a transportation alternative for those who live in high density areas is as important as for those living in low density or rural areas.

The GDOT Planning Division's primary role with respect to public transit in the Greensboro Urban Area consists of providing support and coordination for the various transit providers serving the area. Public transit has a significant potential for shaping future development patterns. Consequently, the Division also works with local and regional land use planning and permitting agencies to ensure that access to transit service is available to developing areas, and to promote transit supportive land use patterns in redevelopment and new development projects. 

The MPO works closely with area transit agencies and the NCDOT on prioritization and programming for transit projects under the Transportation Improvement Program. This includes FTA formula programs, discretionary grants, and Federal Highway funding flexed to Transit projects. Human Services Transportation formula funding (Section 5310) is prioritized and projects selected by the MPO under the Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan. The Coordinated Plan was first adopted in 2008, with the most recent update adopted in June 2014. The City and Greensboro Transit Authority work with the MPO to administer federal transit funds awarded under this plan.

Links to various public transit providers and projects in the Greensboro Urban Area and the Piedmont Triad Region: