Section 5310: Enhanced Mobility for Seniors/Individuals with Disabilities

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The MPO directs available Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program funds to eligible area projects using a competitive selection process. The focus is on transportation needs and priorities for persons with disabilities, older adults, and individuals with lower incomes. The MPO's Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan guides the MPO selection of projects for Section 5310 funding. 

An estimated $229,588 in grant funding is available for allocation to eligible transit capital and/or operational projects as identified in the MPO's adopted Coordinated Human Services Plan. The MPO invites eligible applicants, including local government agencies (GTA, TAMS and Part) and non-profit organizations to send a completed application to the MPO by May 2, 2018.

2018 Section 5310 Call for Projects Application

Following is a general timeline for the Section 5310 Call for Projects and project selection decision:

  • April: Call for Projects
  • May: End Call for Projects, project scoring
  • June: Selection of Projects by MPO Transportation Advisory Committee
  • September: FTA completes review of applications and releases funds