Bicycle Program

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Want to ride a bike? Greensboro has conventional bicycle lanes, buffer bike lanes, off-road greenways, and low-volume streets that are great for bicycling. GDOT's Planning Division works with engineering staff to plan and implement bicycle facilities, and also provides information about how to share the road safely.

Bike mapBicycle Routes & Maps

In 2007, Greensboro established a new bike route system based on the recommendations in the first BiPed Plan. Along with the new routes came a new bicycle map that provides an overview of road conditions and routes for bicycling.

The map includes roads, greenways, and major destinations in Greensboro and surrounding areas. Safety tips and suitability ratings for main roadways can help you create your own route and ride safely.

As of 2014 the Metropolitan Area Bicycle Map for Greensboro is out of print and paper copies are currently not available. Creating a new bicycle map for the Greensboro Urban Area is an important implementation goal in the updated BiPed Plan. However, staff are not expected to start work on this update until the fall of 2018. More information about public involvement on the map will be posted as it becomes available. In the meantime you may still download a PDF version of the current map from the link below.

Bicycle Safety

Visit our GSO Shares the Road website to learn about bicycle safety, responsibilities of bicyclists and motorists, what a bike lane is, and links to more information. Help protect your bike by registering it with the Greensboro Police Department.

Other Information 

Recent improvements and planned improvements for new bike accommodations completed by GDOT can be found in the Transportation Project Update Newsletter for the Greensboro MPO area.

Greenways are off-street paths for use by people walking and cycling. These include the Downtown Greenway and the A&Y Greenway.