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Welcome to GSO Shares the Road, your one-stop shop for information about bicycling in Greensboro. Bicyclists and motorists can share the road safely if everyone follows some simple guidelines.

Bicycle Education Opportunities

The classroom portion of the League of American Bicyclists' Traffic Skills 101 course is available online thanks to the City of Houston. The BikeEd program is designed to develop the craft and science of bicycling and the ability to use a bicycle with confidence and competence for pleasure, utility and sport under various roadway, climate and traffic conditions. Local instructors for the road portion of the class are listed on the site, as well as a schedule of hands-on classes.

Bicycle Safety Information

Bicycle Guide to a Safe Ride 
This Greensboro Television Network (GTN) production highlights what you need to know to enjoy safe bicycling. The video also explains what motorists should expect when they encounter cyclists.

The following four videos are provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
Ride Smart: It’s Time to Start
This fast-paced bicycle safety video uses humor, real-life examples, computer graphics, and a peer-to-peer approach to teach children and youth how wearing a bicycle helmet can protect them from serious injuries (including brain injuries) and death. It explains how to purchase a certified bicycle helmet that fits correctly, briefly discusses rules of the road, and features a diverse group of teens and preteens modeling the newest, coolest looks in helmets. The video also includes the entertaining, yet instructional “jello brain” and “raw egg drop” demonstrations.
Length - 8:55 minutes

Bike Safe. Bike Smart
This entertaining, yet instructional bicycle safety video uses a visually stimulating peer-to-peer approach to teach elementary and middle school age audiences to bike safe and smart. Viewers will learn about the rules of the road, signaling, riding at night, safe riding practices, risky behaviors to avoid, and tips for purchasing and correctly fitting a bicycle helmet. The information in this video builds on the Ride Smart: It’s Time to Start video, taking learning to be a safe cyclist to a new level.
Length - 9 minutes 

Bicycle Safety Tips for Adults
This video provides an overview of basic principles of bicycle safety for adults who are new or returning to cycling. The video discusses the hows and whys of four main principles: (1) choosing the right bicycle; (2) using safety equipment, including a bicycle helmet, lights, and reflectors on bicycles, and clothing for increased visibility; (3) checking your bicycle equipment before each ride; and (4) rules of the road.
Length - 7:35 minutes 

Fitting a Bicycle Helmet
This video demonstrates step-by-step how to properly fit a bicycle helmet.
Length - 3:47 minutes

The following links are to information that will help keep you safe on the road.

  • Single bicyclistBike Map Download the Greensboro Urban Area Bicycle Map. Printed copies of this map are currently unavailable. However, planning staff is creating a new map for the Greensboro Urban Area for fall 2013. 
  • How to Share the Road Check out these tips for drivers and bicyclists on how to coexist safely.
  • Safety Summary A compilation of the basics of bicycle safety.
  • What's a bike lane? Learn the difference between a bike lane and an edge line and how to use them correctly.
  • Mind your manners! Learn the key points of bicycling etiquette, such as how to communicate your intentions to others and how to ride properly in groups.
  • Ride Safely! These quick tips will put you on the route to bicycle safety.
  • Even more information Links to advocacy organizations, bicycle laws, and safety tips.

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