Safety Tips

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  1. Tanden bike riders smallProtect your head - wear a snug-fitting helmet.
  2. See and be seen - wear bright colors or reflective clothing.
  3. Use a white front light and a red rear “blinkie” or “flasher” when riding at night - it is the law!
  4. Stay alert - watch for obstacles in your path.
  5. Go with the flow - ride in the same direction as traffic.
  6. Check for traffic - be aware of traffic around you, especially at intersections and driveways.
  7. Learn the rules of the road - obey traffic laws.
  8. Make sure your bicycle is ride-ready - the seat and mechanical components should be properly adjusted; locks, pumps, and water bottles should be securely attached.
  9. Can you stop it? Check brakes before riding.
  10. Check your wheels and tires - “Quick Release” wheels should be securely fastened, and your tire pressure should match what is printed on the tire wall.

Fun fact:

There are more bicyclists in the U.S. than skiers, golfers, and tennis players combined.
(National Sporting Goods Association)