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The 2015 Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Greenways Master Plan (BiPed) addresses the immediate and long-term needs for bicycling and walking in the Greensboro MPO Area by identifying recommended future bicycle, pedestrian, trail and greenway facility improvements, policy and program enhancements, operations and maintenance activities, and implementation steps. Both the MPO Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) and the Greensboro City Council have adopted the BiPed Plan Update. Read the MPO resolution or City Council resolution.

The 2015 BiPed Plan Update conforms to the findings and policy direction of the 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), which provides a vision for future transportation improvements in the Greensboro MPO Area. The BiPed Plan Update also incorporates the recommendations and findings of bicycle and pedestrian plans of local MPO municipalities, including the Town of Oak Ridge's Comprehensive Pedestrian Transportation Plan and the Town of Pleasant Garden's Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan.

As the first step toward implementing the BiPed Plan Update, the TAC adopted a Complete Streets Policy for the MPO. In July 2018, the TAC amended the BiPed Plan to reflect bicycle, pedestrian, greenway, and trail projects that have been implemented since the plan was adopted in 2015. The July 2018 plan amendment also updates the facility recommendations of the plan.

BiPed Plan Update Documents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Bicycle Plan

Chapter 3 - Pedestrian Plan

Chapter 4 - Trails and Greenways Plan


If you have difficulty accessing the documents or have additional questions about the BiPed Plan Update, please e-mail MPO staff.