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The term greenway usually means an off-road multi-use path, accommodating pedestrians, bicyclists and other users. Sometimes, greenways are simply unimproved green corridors for wildlife, sometimes they're unpaved trails, and sometimes they're on-street in the form of sidewalks and bicycle facilities. The BiPed Plan recommends more than 400 miles of greenways for the Greensboro area.

Greenways Under Development

GDOT works with Greensboro Parks & Recreation and Guilford County Parks & Recreation to fund and develop greenways. Some of our active projects include the following:

  • Pedestrians on greenwayA&Y Greenway - a 7.5 mile greenway that incorporated the the Battleground Rail-Trail, the Lake Brandt Greenway, and a portion of the Bicentennial Trail. Future potential extensions include a southern extension to downtown Greensboro and a northward extension to Stokesdale.
  • Downtown Greenway - a proposed loop around downtown Greensboro, made up of on- and off-street greenway links. The greenway is a partnership between the City and Action Greensboro.

Where are the Greenways?

The Greensboro Urban Area Bicycle Map shows existing off-street greenways that allow bicycles, along with on-street bicycle routes. The Trails Division website has details about some of the major greenways.

To view Greensboro's entire trail system (paved/unpaved and shared-use/pedestrians-only), visit the Web Mapping site.